Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

“Al Mohajer Newspaper” since 1994 (when it was launched) by publishing in Ottawa  , has made itself the” voice of Arab-Canadians.”
Arab-Canadians have become an important edition to the Canadian mosaic by contributing their talents to Canada at every level. Today the population of Arab-Canadians exceeds half a million (500,000). We take pride in helping build the nation that the United Nations has, on more than one occasion, called one of the best countries in the world in which to live.  Because our homeland was the birthplace of the three monolithic religions, we can take pride in our heritage and use our considerable history as a vehicle for offering our experience in nation-building to Canada, our new homeland.

    At “ Al Mohajer” we strive to increase mutual respect and understanding between Canada and the Arab World to the benefit of both cultures.
Dear readers, whether you celebrate Christmas, or simply quiet times with friends and relatives and a respite from your busy schedule, all of us at Al Mobajer wish you Merry Christmas and a  happy holidays.  Furthermore, we join with you in wishing and praying for peace in the Middle East. May it become a place of co-operation and understanding, ending decades of conflict, terrorism, death and bloodshed. This part of the world so rich in creativity, philosophy, and riches of all kinds should lead in the march toward the more humane treatment of all peoples.  Tragically, many families are now separated by the ravages of war with its bloodshed and suffering. They should be sharing the holidays in a time of year when hostilities should be set aside. Centuries of history have taught us that without good will and mutual respect peace will remain unattainable. We must realize that right and reason are not exclusively found with one people. Assigning blame and name-calling have been shown to be counter-productive. Therefore, we urge an application of the Christmas message:” Glory to God on high, and on earth peace to all peoples of good will.” 

Reda Mansour

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