An Essay on Peace

“It is the hard law of man to keep himself unscathed, in spite of wars and distress, in spite of danger and death.  It’s the kindly law of man to change water to light, dreams to reality, and enemies to brothers.”
-Paul Eluard-

War and destruction cause a loss of respect for human life.  The concept of survival of the fittest guarantees death and injury to the weak.  This is a misapplication of Charles Darwin’s well-known dictum. “Some leaders tragically respond with violence even before debate and compromise are considered.  The Middle East has a proud history with regard to scientific, cultural and creative endeavors. These are being dwarfed by leaders who think of destroying “enemies” rather than addressing their valid concerns.  The motto, “Put peace before interests” should be taken seriously by leaders on all sides before further tragedies are visited upon a part of the world know for civilization, scientific thinking and philosophy.  The lives of thousands are at stake.  Corruption, terrorism, bloodshed and wanton destruction can never lead to a better life for all.  The challenge is before us.  The stakes are too high to fail to act courageously and wisely.

I welcome you my children
born into tragedy 
the guns of death sound beside you 
as you search for meaning in confusion and conflict
 frustration your lot.
Where does love dwell? 
Certainly not with sounds of injustice and destruction
 and the hounds of war bark and terrify children of peace. 
Children of wars – Your callow eyes fill with tears of terror 
Born to love – you find it hides beneath the corpses of the young whose lives are being cut short 
and tragedy becomes the word emblazoned on the sordid air. And mothers caught upon a stage of destruction where to build is not the order of the day 
but destroy a word from the hell of reality 
and angels are being felled by shells of indifference. 

Who can make a world of pride, beauty, sisterhood and brotherhood? 
Has war ever build anything worth building? 
Strive you must to fashion a loving hear in the midst of destruction.

Reda Mansour

Friday, June 8, 2018 ~ Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent: Five students who are graduating in next week’s Convocation ceremonies will walk away with more than their diploma in hand.  They were nominated by faculty and staff to receive this year’s Academic Medals, recognizing their outstanding achievements on campus, not only academically, but for their commitment to their fellow students and the community. The five medal recipients are:
Governor’s General Medal: Holly Nicholson, Business Administration – Human Resources
Board of Governor’s Medal: Nicole Gignac, Travel - Tourism
President’s Medal & Student Leadership Medal (Windsor): Karen Markovich, Business Administration – Marketing
President’s Medal: Logan Pillsworth, Powerline Technician
Student Leadership Medal: Jared Fleming, Powerline Technician
Each medal recipient illustrated excellence in their respective programs, and in their extracurricular activities on campus.  Holly Nicholson, the Governor’s General Medal recipient, was recently elected as the 2018 – 2019 Student Representative Council President.  “This is such an honour, to be recognized by the faculty and staff at the College, it means a great deal to me. From the time I started my program, I felt compelled to become involved on campus, and student government seemed like a great way to do it. It shows that hard work and determination pays off”, says Nicholson.
Logan Pillsworth, the President’s Medal recipient at the Chatham campus says that this kind of recognition goes a long way to furthering his career aspirations. “I am very excited to receive this award and for the opportunities that have been presented as a result of my involvement on student government. All I can say to people is, put yourself out there, do a little bit extra and it will help you achieve your goals”.
Students will receive their medals during their respective convocation. Student biographies and photos are attached.
For interviews please contact:
Ann Hetherington
Director of Marketing
519-819-2066 (mobile)


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