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posted May 14, 2012, 11:55 AM by Almohajer Aljadeed
By: Dennis Gerrard, Executive Director - Sylvan Learning

Within 24 to 48 hours after learning new concepts, students often begin to forget information unless it is reinforced or applied immediately. That’s why, during summer break, even the best students forget lessons they have learned during the school year. After a month without reinforcement, approximately 80 percent of what a student has recently learned can be lost.

While a break from school is great for recharging your children’s batteries, if students aren’t using the skills and knowledge they acquired in the classroom, they could find themselves lagging behind once the school bell rings again.

For children who have been struggling during the school year, summer can be their opportunity to catch-up on key skills and feel more confident when they head back to class. For students who do well, it’s an opportunity to keep their enthusiasm for learning high.

At Sylvan Learning, we are the leading provider of tutoring to students of all ages, grades and skill levels. We offer opportunities for your child to stay engaged while away from the classroom.

Summer Enrichment Programs - Sylvan Learning offers engaging programs that keep the interest and fun in learning alive through the summer and into the school year.

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