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posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:19 AM by Almohajer Aljadeed
By: Amy Osman.

As statistics shows, Canada’s current labour market and population growth is dependent on immigration. There are two basic ways to grant permanent residence visas: to members of the Family Class and the Economic Class. The Economic Class primarily comprises of professionals and skilled workers under the Federal skilled worker class, the Quebec skilled worker class and other provincial nominee classes as well as Business Immigrants. Using a point system, an applicant will be assessed under the Federal Skilled Worker class according to various factors that will indicate whether the applicant and his/her dependents will most likely successfully establish in Canada. However, for the 29 eligible occupations, as of May 8, 2012, the maximum of 10,000 Federal Skilled Worker applications has been reached. These limits do not apply to applications with an offer of arranged employment (government approved employment offers in Canada). Under the Quebec Skilled Worker class and the Provincial Nominee class, applicants may become permanent residents on the basis of their proven ability to become economically established in Canada, in accordance with immigration programs and selection criteria administered by Quebec or the provinces. Canada also admits immigrants under the Business Immigration program which comprises three sub-categories including Investors, Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed. The Investor class seeks to attract experienced business people to invest $800,000 into Canada's economy in a government guaranteed investment fund. As a prerequisite you need to have business or management experience before immigrating to Canada and personal net worth of at least $1,600,000. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will return your investment, without interest, about five years and two months after payment. The Federal Immigrant Investor Program is now closed as 700 complete applications have been received at the Centralized Intake Office. This new annual cap was introduced through ministerial instructions, which came into force on July 1, 2011 and will reset on July 1, 2012. The cap does not apply to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The Entrepreneur class seeks to attract experienced business people who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that contribute to the economy and create employment. An applicant must demonstrate an ability to become economically established in Canada on the basis of his/her business experience. However, CIC has temporarily stopped accepting applications for this program. Only applications received before July 1, 2011, will be processed. The Self Employed class refers to applicants who have relevant experience as well as the intention and the ability to create their own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada, or to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada. Under the Federal Family class, the sponsorship programs promote the reunion in Canada of Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their close relatives (i.e., a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner, an unmarried dependent child under the age of 22). Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents intending to visit their close relatives may apply for extended visitors’ visas known as Super Visas, in a program that was introduced in December 2011. Eligible parents and grandparents can apply for a single entry or multiple entries Super Visa. The maximum validity date for the multiple entries Super Visa is ten years, or one month prior to the applicant’s passport’s expiry, whichever is earlier. Within that time, Super Visa holders can remain in Canada for periods of up to 2-years (compare to regular visitor visa that is usually valid for a period up to 6-months). Do you need more information? Call us to book appointment for a free initial consultation at 519-997-2846 or e-mail to We are located at Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator at 720 Ouellette Ave.