An Essay On Peace

It is the hard law of man
To keep himself unscathed 
In spite of wars and distress
In spite of danger and death
It's the kindly law of man
To change water to light 
The dream to reality
Enemies into brothers. 
-Paul Eluard-

Science and technology, in recent years, have made much progress. Will these finally bring us a world without war and hatred? Will we live to see a world of sisterhood and brotherhood? Only the future can tell. Perhaps we may be looking in the wrong places for answers. 

Our mind set must be altered. Peace must be considered a viable  possibility. When the world's five and one half billion people think of the rewards of peace and how war has robbed us and our children of a planet that exists for us to grow and develop and to help each other. 

Regardless of our individual differences and whether we use the term of God or Allah or Buddha our beings cry for peace and understanding and an end  to the madness of war and destruction and rampant death. Peace must start in our homes and move to our villages, towns and cities  before it becomes a national goal. Those who call for war are not friends.  Conversely they are the enemies of our well-being. Just as hatred can not  bring love, war cannot bring peace. 

Each of us must begin with himself  or herself by laying the groundwork for peace. East and West must learn that only by everyone being free and at peace  can we bring needed change to the world. It has been said that war  ultimately sows the seeds for future wars. Only a peace that each of us has  within, teach us the glory of peace everywhere. When people everywhere can make society a mirror of the peace that they  possess within can peace become a reality. Only by each of us celebrating  the peace and grandeur of others can peace really flourish. Each of us  must get involved and make over the world that for too long we have  neglected. Each of us must say and believe that “peace starts with me!”  This will spread to all Canada. 

I welcome you my children
born into tragedy 
the guns of death sound beside you 
as you search for meaning in confusion and conflict
 frustration your lot.

Can hope dwell in such environs 
for weapons are everywhere 
and few care for your needs and concerns 

Where does love dwell? 
Certainly not with sounds of injustice and destruction
 and the hounds of war bark and terrify children of peace. 
Children of wars – Your callow eyes filled with tears of terror 

Born to love – you find it hides beneath the corpses of the young 
whose lives are being cut short 
and tragedy becomes the word emblazoned on the sordid air. 
And mothers caught upon a stage of destruction where
to build is not the order of the day 
but destroy a word from the hell of reality 
and angels are being felled by shells of indifference. 

Bitter strife and slaughter inundate the helpless environment 
Is this world we have planned for our newest citizens of this world? 
Destroy – a word not fit for such helpless infants who need so much 
and receive so little?
Is this word for today? 
What can possibly come of it? 
Who can escape from the blood of war 
and become one of virtue
Who can make a world of pride, beauty, sisterhood and brotherhood. 
Has war ever build anything worth building? 
Strive you must to fashion a loving hear in the midst of destruction.

Reda Mansour

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